About us

What is is a young clothing brand founded in 2019 in Leiden.

The designs of the clothing are made by people from Leiden and people who are connected to the city of Leiden.

Much is designed by our own designers, but collections will also follow in collaboration.

Leiden designers, artists, tattoo artists and other creative people will pass by.

Our clothing … by people from Leiden … for you …

The Name

The name is a combination derived from the words “Leidse glibber” and the addition &Co.

The expression ‘Leidse glibber’ has its origin in the siege of Leiden between 1573 and 1574.

At that time it was used as a swear word. Nowadays it is used as a nickname.

Every year on October 3 in Leiden, people exuberantly celebrate the liberation of this siege, ‘Leids Ontzet’.

Red label

Each item has a hand-sewn red label with two crossed keys. This logo refers to the weapon of the key town.